reborn as Wish+.

Global shopping platforms, Wish and Qoo10, have come together to create Wish+!
From US to Korea, gain access to a global marketplace featuring beloved brands and popular products — all at prices you’ll love.

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Qsafe Program

Qoo10 Program to make reliable and safe market to customer/seller

(*) Available only Qsafe member.


QbrandSafe program acts to protect intellectual property rights of brand from seller
who sell the infringe item in here with Qoo10.

Member Company

양방향 화살표

양방향 화살표


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Brand owner can search the item in Qoo10
Report infringement Seller/Item

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Notice for stop selling
Request statement to seller

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Feedback to brand owner
With seller's statement

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In case seller has proper objection
Submit statement to Qoo10

Qoo10 manages Qsafe program to provide more clean market.
So Qoo10 supports all activities of QbrandSafe member companies and communicates
with member companies actively.

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