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Payment Methods

Currently there are 9 ways to make a purchase on Wish +

1) Q*coin pay : You can buy Q*coin voucher for the payment.

2) Credit Card : It is the fastest and safest payment method. Master and Visa Cards are now available at Wish+.

3) Credit card(JCB) : Japan’s premier and the only international payment brand with wide acceptance in Japan and Asia.

4) UnionPay : Offers convenient and preferential mobile payment experience.

5) PayPal Express checkout : Paypal account is needed.

6) Alipay : This is only for China ID card holder.

7) Convenience store : Available only in Japan.

8) WeChat : Digital payment services In China, users who have provided bank account information

9) Q-Money(Cash Balance): Cash Balance has same value as cash at Wish+.

※ Local payment- Korean use Only

Toss / Payco / Naver Pay / Kakao Pay / Credit card (Korean) / eBanking

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Payment Methods
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